Sunday, August 21, 2011

Boating with friends

When Barb herd we had a boat she invited herself along for a get together :) She has jet skies so we thought both would be a blast with a couple friends. We had both heard that lucky peak is crazy busy on the weekends but decided to venture out anyway and take our chances finding a spot. We found one and it worked out perfectly. The weather was great but made for some choppy skiing.

I don't know how we ended up invited the 3 families we know who are pregnant??? kind of funny coincidence, but I think everyone had fun. I hope to have many more outings in the future so everyone we know can be invited. Kaydence was the oldest kid and became the little brave MOM to them all.


Ivan giving Josie a hug.

Josh and his daughter Rachel. I hadn't really met the Wilkins and it was nice getting to know them.

Barb giving Carter a ride on the jet ski

anyone else think Craig needs another baby girl???? He says no, but we will see :)

I thought this was a cute little preggo profile of Amber.

Every time I bring the camera out this is the cheese face he gives me. I think its so cute, however its not the most lovely of smiles for a photo :)

This little bug is Chloe and is just so precious.

Here is Amber with 2 of her little ones...well actually with the little one in the oven she has 3 little ones on there with her :)

We had a lot of munchies and lunch was great. Ivan would just make the rounds and didn't stop eating the whole time.

Here is Rachel and she was just a perfect content angle the whole time. So quite I don't think I heard her talk once. She just played the whole time and was up for anything.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

another one bites the dust

Kaydence just lost another tooth. She has lost the 2 top front and the 2 front bottoms, and now another bottom is gone with the other bottom very loose.

Kaydence lost another tooth last night. We were at Connie's over the weekend and her teeth were brought up. Last night, we we were reading, I just looked up at her teeth and said... "let me see how ready it is" I just reached up and felt that it was wiggly and put my fingers around it and pulled. It pulled right out first try. This makes 4 lost now and Kaydence is now $4 richer and me $4 dollars poorer :) Im thinking the tooth fairy money should be put in a savings account to go towards braces :)

Monday, August 15, 2011


Today was the kids first day of school. They both are pretty excited. They both are at a new school, which we are all excited about, and I hope they thrive there. Kaydence is in 2nd grade, and her teacher is Mrs. Luke. Soren is starting Kindergarten, FINALLY, and his teacher is Mrs. Cordero. Kaydence gets to take the bus to school, she hasn't been able to in the past. Soren doesn't start kindergarten till after lunch so I take him, but he will get to ride the bus home with Kaydence.

Sunday, August 14, 2011


We spent the last 2 Saturday's boating and having so much fun in the water. We found such a great deal on a boat at an auction. It's a 2006 Blue water Cascade. It's 20 feet long and has a 5.0 volvo engine. It's open bow, has a swim platform and tower, which we will eventually put a wakeboard rake on.

Connie and Larry were gone the weekend we got it so came up with us the second weekend to check out the boat. Craig was able to wake board because his dad drove the boat. (I still need practice). We had a nice picnic at Black Canyon Dam Park. Connie stayed on the shore and watched Ivan while we took Larry out for a spin. Ivan fell asleep, but the flies were bothering him, so Connie put the only thing she had(baby wipes) all over him to keep them away :) This is what he looked like when we returned.

Kaydence even got up on 2 skies. She got up last week but was scared to try again because when she fell, she says the skies scratch her legs. We convinced her to try again. No more leg scratching!!! I don't know if we will have to continue to nudge forever but once she is in the water she is consistently getting up, but doesn't stay up for long. We are very proud of her, and she looks forward to getting better.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

impromptu photo shoots

We were in Emmett because I had a family reunion to photograph, and while waiting Soren and I walked around the farm and snapped a few shots. The farm always makes for nice backdrops.
Certainly couldn't leave out fashion queen and pose master Kaydence. This was taking along one of our walks one morning.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Oregon Coast

Craig had a week with nil on his schedule, so we planned a quick trip to visit the lillywhite 5 in Salem and visit the coast. It was a lot of fun, but so much to do in such a short trip. We drove up Wednesday and stayed the night at Lindseys in Salem. Thursday morning we drove down to Newport/Depoe Bay. We went to the whale watching center, which July happens to be the worst time to go, and Yaquina head lighthouse, before heading to the Newport "Oregon Coast" Aquarium. (FYI there is also a newport aquarium in kentucky so don't purchase tickets online from there seemingly identical website like I did)

We spent Thursday night back at Lindsey's and then spent friday morning driving up to Seaside. We found a great place to park the 5th wheel and had lunch and headed to the beach. It was such a lovely day. The previous day was a drag, cold, rainy and foggy. The kids loved the beach and Craig got to try out his stunt kite we got in Newport. Derek accompanied us in the evening as we then traveled to the Astoria KOA Kampground where we camped the next 2 nights. Saturday we went to the Astoria Column where we threw plane gliders off the top. We ate lunch at the Bowpicker. It was the #1 restaurant on all the online reviews and Craig and Derek just about threw a toddler tantrum because we didn't get to go for dinner the previous night. After lunch we headed over the bridge to Long Beach Washington, to see the Sand Castle competition. We drove home Sunday, where we were rudely welcomed by a very long and busy MONDAY back at work and laundry. It was fun and we need to do it more often.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Swim Lessons

The kids started swim lessons yesterday. My camera battery was pretty much dead when i got there so I only got this one. But I have 2 weeks to get more.