Sunday, August 21, 2011

Boating with friends

When Barb herd we had a boat she invited herself along for a get together :) She has jet skies so we thought both would be a blast with a couple friends. We had both heard that lucky peak is crazy busy on the weekends but decided to venture out anyway and take our chances finding a spot. We found one and it worked out perfectly. The weather was great but made for some choppy skiing.

I don't know how we ended up invited the 3 families we know who are pregnant??? kind of funny coincidence, but I think everyone had fun. I hope to have many more outings in the future so everyone we know can be invited. Kaydence was the oldest kid and became the little brave MOM to them all.


Ivan giving Josie a hug.

Josh and his daughter Rachel. I hadn't really met the Wilkins and it was nice getting to know them.

Barb giving Carter a ride on the jet ski

anyone else think Craig needs another baby girl???? He says no, but we will see :)

I thought this was a cute little preggo profile of Amber.

Every time I bring the camera out this is the cheese face he gives me. I think its so cute, however its not the most lovely of smiles for a photo :)

This little bug is Chloe and is just so precious.

Here is Amber with 2 of her little ones...well actually with the little one in the oven she has 3 little ones on there with her :)

We had a lot of munchies and lunch was great. Ivan would just make the rounds and didn't stop eating the whole time.

Here is Rachel and she was just a perfect content angle the whole time. So quite I don't think I heard her talk once. She just played the whole time and was up for anything.

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